Strata Networks Training Evaluation Report

I can use some of what I learned in my career.

This question is the most important of all. If the attendees feel they can utilize and implement what they learned in their career, the training is a successful investment.

I learned some new, valuable ideas.

This is related to utility and measures the value of the concepts taught.

I enjoyed the sales training workshop.

Enjoyment of being at the training is important.

The instructor was engaging and kept my attention.

The quality of the facilitator is important but not as important as the material taught.

What was one or two of the most valuable things you learned?

What recommendations do you have to make future trainings better?

Possible Recommendations and Adjustments for Future Training Events

  • Role Plays
  • Relevant stories of application
  • More interaction / Group Work
  • More focus on the sales process
  • Include some videos to play to increase engagement
  • A bit more energy in general