Professional Sales Assessment Report:

Dustin Dart

Below are your assessment results.  

Remember, everyone has a base score to all of the elements that is required for sales success and nobody is the “perfect” makeup for sales success.  With effort, you can mold and shape your internal states to become the most effective salesperson while aligning your innate personality.

There are 15 constructs that are measured and all of them combined form type of sales person you are.

Your Sales Score

1: Extroversion

2: Social IQ

3: Achievement Drive

4: Locus of Control

5: Sales Interest

6: Sales Belief

7: Perseverance

8: Competitive

9: Empathy

10: Purposeful

11: Optimism

12: Influence

13: Curiosity

14: Rejection Stamina

15: Assertiveness

Your Selling Style Is: